Holiday Home Management

Let us take care of your holiday home and ensure that it remains an asset that pays for itself rather than a liability that costs you money.


Homeowners trust us

Holiday homes can often become burdensome due to their upkeep costs, despite decreased personal use over time, quickly turning your pride and joy into a point of stress and frustration. 

This is a shame.

You've worked hard to own a holiday home and deserve to truly enjoy it, perhaps for it to even work for you. How incredible would that be?

This is why over dozens of homeowners across the country trust us to manage their properties - because we are the people that make it happen.

We run and manage the full operation required to welcome guests to your property, helping you generate a healthy income, while still being able to enjoy it yourself. 

We have our finger on the pulse at all times and through guest feedback and working directly with the onsite staff/cleaners we are able to input and manage ongoing maintenance at your home to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.  

Our commitment to this, along with ensuring your home maintains a highest hospitality standards that delights guests, will contribute towards your home being improved over time and thereby increasing its value.

Our mission is

To help you enjoy what you've earned. We do this by looking after your holiday home as if it's our own while striving to elevate the experience for our homeowners, guests and agents.

Here is our solution

For Holiday Home Management

We can tailor the following solutions to your specific needs.

Luxury Holiday Home Experts

Complete holiday home rental management solution. Click to expand and read more below.

Live central calendar

Centralised calendar with live availability and rates. This allows us to optimise seasonality & implement dynamic pricing so that we maximise revenue during high-demand periods while remaining competitive during quieter times.

Dynamic Pricing

By leveraging the best in class dynamic pricing software and continuously monitoring occupancy rates, we're able to optimise pricing by tweaking minimum and base prices, thus ensuring that your pricing is driven by real-time data.

Cleaning management & payments

We serve as the direct liaison with your appointed cleaning company for all bookings (with the option to have us pay the cleaning bill every month & deduct it from your monthly payout to take more admin off your plate).

Depending on your property's location, we may be able to recommend the top cleaning companies we already work with who understand our processes & deliver a quality service.

Homeowner booking codes

You'll receive a unique booking code that easily allows your to block off time in the calendar when you want to use it, without needing to pick up the phone.

Virtual property management

We're offer an optional virtual property management solution whereby we work directly with the appointed cleaning company or ground operator and handle any ad hoc property management requirements that are below a pre-determined cost threshold. This includes the payment of third-party contractors on your behalf.

Exclusive Channel Management 

No tech-overwhelm. We'll manage all the platforms so you have maximum exposure without the hassle. 

Distribution across all major booking platforms

Get exposure on all the top booking platforms as we carefully craft optimised & beautiful online listings on these sites.

End-to-end channel management

We do not only create & manage your listing across the top booking platforms, we do ongoing optimisations & updates as the platforms evolve & technology changes so that your property stays in the top search results.

Our exclusive agent network

While most other management companies choose not to work with other agents, we've spent years developing our own agent network with independent operators and agents who are incentivised to book with us, resulting in more high-quality bookings in your property.

Our exclusive owners club - The Pangolin Club

The Pangolin Club provides qualifying homeowners with access to our curated portfolio of beautiful holiday homes at exclusive owner rates, along with a growing number of additional perks and benefits. 

The Pangolin Club Benefits:

  • 50% off 7-night stays through the Pangolin Collection (excl. blackout dates).
  • 20% off shorter stays throughout the Pangolin Collection (incl. blackout dates) 
  • International exchanges across over 4000 local and international destinations  with The Registry Collection and RCI.
  • A private offshore banking solution with Xapo Bank with the first years fees included.
  • With additional owner benefits in the pipeline.

Online reputation management

Enhanced online credibility & reputation management with our proven guest review process that maximises 5/5 reviews.

Real Time Operations 

We do all the work so you can simply enjoy the rewards of short-term letting.

End-to-end booking management

We take care of all booking admin & guest support. We secure the bookings, manage the check-in & check-out process, deal with all the property stakeholders throughout & are available for guest support 7 days a week.

You literally don't have to lift a finger.

Complete customer support

We provide outstanding customer support & communication. We have 100% response time & typically reply within the hour. Over 90% of our guest reviews are 5/5.

Real-time booking confirmations

You can choose to receive instant notifications of all confirmed bookings through an app that includes you, the cleaning company, our operations team & any other important stakeholders.

Live Homeowner Reporting

Homeowners receive a link to their real-time homeowner report that details all confirmed bookings in their property with a full breakdown of all the relevant fees. This means that homeowners don't need to wait until the end of the month to see how their property has performed.

Open 365 days a year

Your property will never sleep as our team works 365 days of the year.

Centralisation of Agents

We'll happily work with other agents - giving you maximum exposure while having the protection of standardised booking policies and pricing.

Agent liaison & admin

We have a constantly expanding network of agents who promote our properties. If you have other agents who you'd like to market your property, we can do a 30-min onboarding call with them to take them through the booking process and assign them their own agent code. This means that you don't have to enagage with multiple agents. Instead, you deal directly with us and we manage all of the relevant agents. 

Standardised booking policies

We ensure that booking policies are standardised and that your interests are protected.

Our booking policies eliminate block booking periods without deposits.

Proactive Marketing

All our homeowners benefit from proactive marketing campaigns & strategies that maximise exposure & result in more bookings.

Proactive marketing campaigns

We have a proactive focus on promotions. We're regularly monitoring occupancy & have a variety of strategies to drive bookings during low-demand periods. This includes implementing dynamic pricing to ensure your property is always competitive, and therefore a top contender for anyone looking for accommodation like yours.

Paid advertising

Our marketing team is highly skilled at paid-ads that ultimately expose more ideal guests to your property.

Social media exposure

We have a strong social media presence with engaging, high-quality content that converts.

Email marketing

We do frequent email marketing campaigns to a carefully curated and highly engaged contact list.

We do all this for just 13% (excl. vat)...

Charged on every booking we generate. So we're aligned with your best interests. If you don't make make, we don't make money. #Alignment

So what are your objectives?

Working together

Whether you want to maximise revenue, or you want to simply cover most, if not all the property costs, we have you covered. 

In both instances, you understand the necessity of reinvesting into your property to ensure it is well maintained and updated to protect its value in an ever-changing market. 

Maximise Revenue

Who is this for

  • You want to maximise revenue through lots of bookings.
  • You don't plan to utilise the property yourself very much.
  • The property was primarily purchased or set up as an financial investment.

Simply Cover Costs

Who is this for

  • Your primary objective is to ensure the costs are covered and the property is beautifully maintained. 
  • You plan to stay in the property quite often.
  • The property was primarily purchased as a lifestyle investment.

We work with agents

Why Euphoric Leisure are not 'just another agent'

We work with a network of agents in order to give your holiday property more exposure, resulting in more bookings. Through sound operating principles, we protect all agent client data so that we're able to build long-lasting relationships through repeat bookings. 

Hear are some of our more popular destinations that we offer Holiday Home Rental Management:

Regardless of where your holiday home is, we can help. Simply reach out to us or Apply to List.

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