What permanent load-shedding means for rental property owners

As a South African property owner, we’re sure you’ve seen Eskom’s announcement (22/01/2023) that confirms permanent load-shedding for the next two years and may be wondering how this is going to affect bookings at your property going forward.                                                                      The industry has no doubt suffered losses already due to erratic and inconsistent load-shedding for some time now. So … Read more

Creating the ultimate guest experience is the ‘Big Domino’ for sustainable short-term rental success

Creating the best possible guest experience is the key to sustained success for your short-term rental property. This is because fine guest experiences lead to raving reviews, which drive more bookings, which result in higher occupancy rates at superior prices and ultimately higher returns for owners. Top rated homes generate, on average, 230% more revenue compared to … Read more

Is your home rental ready for short-term guests?

There is almost nothing quite as unpleasant as welcoming guests into your property, only to get a ream of complaints from the minute they walk-in to well after they have departed. Ruining your weekend and possibly costing you money in refunds to the unhappy guests. Never mind the negative review to follow, plastered on your … Read more