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Euphoric Leisure is a progressive short-term rental management company with an expanding footprint in South Africa’s top destinations, driven by our relentless focus on 3 things – quality, experience for all stake-holders and centralising our focus on the homeowner. 

There’s this notion that ‘agents’ are just in it for themselves, pushing many homeowners over the edge with bad experiences, leading them to want to give up the opportunity altogether. We know a better way.

The holiday home short-term rental market is growing. We know this, because we’ve tripled our business since the pandemic started (yes, despite scattered national lockdowns where no-one was able to travel). During these challenging times, we buckled down to ensure we could take advantage of the post-lockdown ‘booms’ we’re now witnessing as a pattern. 

It’s not just these post-lockdown booms that are the cause for success. Nor will simply listing your property on Airbnb or other booking platforms ensure a constant stream of bookings… These things will no doubt help you, but they won’t get you sustained success. Plus, you’ll have all the headaches. 

We’ve learned that in order to do short-term rentals properly, you need certain key elements, otherwise you’ll likely never taste all the rewards possible in this space.

And honestly, you’re unlikely to find the answers by working with one agent who cannot possibly provide you with all these things. 

Our mission is to make short-term renting a dream by elevating the experience for homeowners, holidaymakers and agents. 

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