Zimbali Estate Booking Policies

Zimbali Estate has uncompromising access control policies which are vitally important to understand before making or proceeding with a booking. 

These policies are subject to change without notice. Please read and understand these below:

*No VISITORS are allowed (only registered guests on the booking form that have produced IDs as per the Zimbali check-in procedure will be provided with access onto the estate).
*No last minute or same day bookings allowed.
*New bookings can be accepted by latest 12pm the day prior to check-in and are conditional on the booking form being completed and sent back to us immediately to avoid access onto the estate being delayed or denied.
*All forms must be submitted to us by latest 12pm the day prior to check-in with all the correct information along with ID copies of all guests 16 years and older in order to gain ACCESS onto the estate. Forms submitted after this time will be charged a R350 late submission fee. 
*It is mandatory to complete all details for persons / vehicles entering the estate, all drivers will be biometrically registered.
*Two (2) Internal boom cards will be issued per booking. Any additional cards, given the house permits it, will be charged at R110 per card (amount subject to change).
*All passengers over 16 years old will be registered on portable scanners.
*Access of all passengers will be checked on each and every entry into the estate. No passenger will be allowed access into the estate without biometric registration.
*Late form submissions, late additions and/or late changes to a booking (after 12pm the day prior to check-in) will ONLY be processed the following day and guests will need to wait at least 24 hours from this point before they are able to check-in, resulting in access being delayed.
*Any changes to the booking form will attract a late penalty of R350 per change.
*No servitors are allowed, including but not limited to chefs, masseuses, decorators and beauty technicians.
*The accommodation is for short-term residential rentals only. It is not for events, functions, parties, receptions, meetings, commercial use, or guests above the registered number.
*A late check-in fee of R750 will apply for guests arriving after 10pm.
*An ID number and copy of each and every guest of 16 years and older must be provided. Accepted forms of ID copies include a copy of a guest's ID Book, ID Card or Driver's Licence. Guest identities will be verified by Zimbali on this basis.
*Guests arriving during office hours will report to the Welcome Centre at the North Gate to complete their access then enter the estate through the West Gate. Check-ins outside of office hours will do biometrics at the West Gate and complete their access at the Welcome Centre the next day. Office hours are below.

Please understand that the Zimbali Estate Management Association (ZEMA), who are completely independent from Euphoric Leisure, govern and enforce these policies. So please adhere to them to avoid any complications with your access. We'll do our best to assist you in this process but know that we are equally governed by these policies. Euphoric Leisure is not responsible and will not issue refunds in the event of mistakes, missing information or changes/adjustments submitted by guests which lead to access being delayed/denied. It's the guests' responsibility to ensure all guests' details are correct and submitted on time in accordance with the ZEMA policies.

Based on the above, we advise that you complete your forms as soon as possible and DO NOT leave it to the last minute. This creates major unnecessary stress and could jeopardise your access onto the estate.

*A security deposit is required, in the form of a hold on your credit card, processed 1 day prior to check-in, that will be automatically released within 7 days of check-out should there be no damages, fines or fees as per the Booking/Rental Ts and Cs. In the event of a claim, there will be a 15% service fee charged on the total claim amount. The security deposit amount is unique per property and is detailed in the listing.

*Ubers/Taxis are NOT permitted to transport guests around the estate. It is therefore advised that if guests are not using their own car that they rent a car so they can access the estate facilities (guests can also rent a golf cart for the same purpose).
*Ubers/Taxis can be used for drop-off and collection ONLY. Codes can only be requested between 8am and 4pm each day. Codes expiring due to guests arriving after midnight may result in restricted access to the estate until office hours resume the next day.
*Guests are liable for any fines incurred by their Uber/Taxi driver(s).
*Uber Eats or takeaways are to be collected outside the estate. Zimbali stipulates that no access codes will be issued for food deliveries.

*Smoking of hubbly bubbly on the premises is prohibited.
*Strictly no smoking allowed inside the property (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes).
*Amenities may not be removed from the property. Charges will apply.
*Leave all keys at the property upon departure (access cards to be left at the Welcome Centre when you depart).
*Guests are responsible for all damages and/or fines during their stay.

*The Zimbali Private Beach is strictly a non-swimming beach and is unprotected.
*There are lots of MONKEYS on the estate. Guests must close all windows and lock doors while not at the villa and especially on departure. Any damage caused by monkeys during a guest’s stay or after check-out as a result of their negligence will be for their account. Do not feed the monkeys.
*By making a booking you agree to comply with all of Euphoric Leisure’s rental ts and cs (https://euphoricleisure.com/rental-ts-and-cs/).

Read familiarise yourself with all the estate rules here: https://euphoricleisure.com/zimbali-estate-rules/. By making a booking you agree to comply with all of Zimbali’s rules and policies.

Mon-Thur: 07h00 - 19h00
Fri: 07h00 - 20h00
Sat&Sun: 08h00 - 17h00
These are subject to change

*Should you have problems with your access cards or access codes please contact: The Welcome Centre on +27 (0)32 007 0100.
*Should you have an EMERGENCY, the ZIMBALI CONTROL ROOM is your first port of contact. The number is on the Zimbali Estate map that you will receive at check in: +27 (0)76 336-3713 or +27 (0)71 739-6904.

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