Euphoric Cardholder T&Cs

1. About your Euphoric Card

A Euphoric Card is an innovative membership product that is owned and managed by Euphoric Leisure (Pty) Ltd, Reg. No. 2017/522589/07.

Euphoric Leisure (Pty) Ltd, herein referred to as EL, through its affiliation with various homeowners and operators in South Africa and abroad, has secured the preferential rates to multiple properties and premium destinations.

EL provides its Cardholders, herein referred to as Euphoric Cardholders, with access to a variety of carefully selected local and international destinations at exclusive discounts and a range of other exclusive benefits, including international exchanges through The Registry Collection (refer to 2.6).

Your Euphoric Card and your entitlement to benefits are governed by these terms and conditions.

2. Reservation Procedures

All discounted bookings are subject to the Euphoric Card being active at the time of booking up until the check-out date. Should a Cardholder's account be in default on the date of booking or on the date of check-in, then the discounted rate will not apply, and should the Euphoric Cardholder fail to pay the balance of the adjusted booking price then EL reserves the right to cancel the booking without a refund.

All reservations are administered through EL and are subject to the following terms:

2.1 Euphoric Cardholder Discounts

Euphoric Cardholders can book unlimited 7 consecutive night stays, in specified Cardholder Properties in the Euphoric Cardholders’ Portfolio, at 50% off the Published Rate, outside of specified blackout dates according to the Booking Calendar (refer to 2.3).

View The Cardholders’ Portfolio Here.

Additional Bookings: Euphoric Cardholders are able to make additional bookings in the Euphoric Extended Portfolio and are subject to a booking discount of 10%-25% off the published rate. 

View The Extended Portfolio Here.

Euphoric Cardholder discounts apply to Published Rates, not to Promotional Rates.

EL reserves the right to change or replace any of the Cardholder Properties at any time to ensure a particular standard of properties in the Cardholder Portfolio is maintained.

2.2 Euphoric Cardholder Booking Process

Euphoric Cardholders will use EL’s live booking platform to make their bookings, in either the Cardholders’ Portfolio (50% discount) or the Extended Portfolio (10%-25% discount). Links to the Portfolios provided in 2.1.

Euphoric Cardholders are issued with unique codes, one for each Portfolio, which they must apply upon checkout to receive their exclusive discounts. To see how simple this process is, refer to this short video:

Cardholder Bookings Live Demo

Unique booking codes will remain active and usable without interruption as long as the Euphoric Cardholder has an active subscription (refer to 3), and can be applied to an unlimited number of bookings within the “Reservation Procedures” conditions (refer to 2).

This booking method is subject to change should a better method come into place.

EL will facilitate direct Euphoric Cardholder bookings off the platform if that is desired.

In this event, Euphoric Cardholders can use the following contact details for direct enquiries:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +27 60 019 3248

2.3 Booking Calendar

Euphoric Cardholder discounts apply to all periods outside of limited Blackout Dates illustrated in the annually published Booking Calendar.

Click Here To View Booking Calendar.

EL reserves the right to amend and update the Booking Calendar so that it accurately corresponds with South African school holidays and other seasonal dates every year.

2.4 Blackout Dates

Blackout Dates are dates when Euphoric Cardholder 50% off discounts are not available. These dates typically fall on or around major holidays (i.e. Easter or Christmas) or other peak travel seasons, as illustrated in the annually published Booking Calendar. Bear in mind that different destinations may have different Blackout Dates.

However, Euphoric Cardholders are able to exchange non-peak weeks into The Registry Collection and travel through The Registry Collection's portfolio during peak periods, subject to availability.

2.5 Booking Rights

Euphoric Cardholders can only make reservations themselves and may not allow other people to utilise their Euphoric Cardholder discounts or additional benefits.

The Euphoric Card is restricted to one of the primary cardholders being a guest at each booking, i.e. you or your partner/husband/wife, and may not be used to facilitate bookings for other family members or guests.

Euphoric Cardholders are typically able to make reservations 12 months in advance, however some properties may have shorter or longer booking windows.

Check-in and check-out times may vary per property. Euphoric Cardholders must read and comply with the Rental T&Cs of the property they book. Please refer to the Rental T&Cs when making the booking.

2.6 International Exchange Through The Registry Collection

EL has affiliated with The Registry Collection, herein referred to as TRC, to offer Euphoric Cardholders exclusive access to their high-end portfolio of esteemed local and international destinations.

Euphoric Cardholders are able to exchange their weeks (the exchange process is facilitated by EL) and travel anywhere within TRC which comprises 500+ premium properties, hotels and resorts worldwide.

Costs associated with TRC are depicted below and are payable by Euphoric Cardholders upon the exchange of their week/s.

Exchange Fees (2021):

Local: R4,000

International: R5,000

All exchanges are subject to availability and it is therefore recommended that Euphoric Cardholders submit international exchange requests well in advance of when they plan to travel to avoid disappointment.

Click Here To View The Registry Collection.

3. Fee and Payment Policies

3.1 Annual Subscription

The Euphoric Card is an annual subscription that will renew automatically every 12-months unless cancelled by the Euphoric Cardholder or EL.

Should a Euphoric Cardholder pay their subscription on a monthly basis, the subscription remains an annual subscription, paid monthly.

3.2 Damage Deposit

A refundable breakage deposit may be charged per booking. Euphoric Cardholders must check the damage deposit procedure per property prior to booking to understand the requirements. 

3.3 Non-Payment of Euphoric Cardholder Subscription

Should a Euphoric Cardholder fall into default, or arrears, at any stage, or cancel their Euphoric Card, all their benefits will be suspended with immediate effect and any future bookings will be payable at the full Published Rate. Failure to do so, or, to bring their account up-to-date will result in a cancelation of any future bookings without refund.

If a defaulting Euphoric Cardholder does not bring their account up to date within 60 days of first written notification, or has 3 unsuccessful card charges (without notice), then the Euphoric Card, and all rights attached, including future bookings, may (at EL’s sole and absolute discretion), be cancelled and all monies paid to EL will be forfeited.

However, if these terms are met, the Euphoric Card will be reactivated and all benefits reinstated within 72 hours (excluding weekends) of full payment made to EL.

3.4 Non-Compliance of Rental T&Cs

Failure to comply with any the Rental T&Cs per booking may result in the Euphoric Card being suspended or cancelled and any future bookings cancelled with all monies paid to EL forfeited. Any transgression of the Rental T&Cs is considered a major offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

This condition will hold, until such a stage, which is not guaranteed, that the issue can be deemed resolved by EL. In this event, and should the Euphoric Cardholder's account be brought up-to-date, their benefits will be reinstated and Euphoric Card reactivated.

4. Acceptance of Card

All rights and privileges referred to in this document are dependent on your continued Euphoric Card Subscription.

All booking payment policies are provided on the EL website when making a booking:

The acceptance of these terms and conditions, along with the initial payment for the relevant Euphoric Card, confirm the Euphoric Cardholder's acceptance of the associated conditions and contents.


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